Pole Vault

Pole VaultWhat does pole valuting have to do with inquiry. At first glance, not much. However, like most sports the pole vault requires a great deal of mental conditioning and analysis in order for a coach and athletes to master this sport. It could be argued that the physics of pole vault make it one of the most analytical sports on the planet.

LPV - Loyola Pole Vault

For several years I have coached pole vault at Loyola High School with my good friend Fernie Hernandez. Even though I vaulted in high school and college (and still do from time to time), from Coach Hernandez I have learned (through an inquiry process) a great deal about the sport. I have also learned more about being part of a "community of inquiry" by being part of the coaching staff at LHS. Our team has won six consecutive CIF titles and in 2011 we won a national championship.